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service package for new patients offering comprehensive checkup, clean and xray


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Check up


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Maritime Dental Clinic is Medisave accredited. This means you can use your CPF account to pay for a range of surgical treatments and won't be out of pocket. Our caring dentists can replace missing teeth with implants, remove your wisdom teeth and perform other minor surgeries.

Maritime Dental Clinic is proud to support the Singapore community. As an accredited CHAS provider we can save eligible patients money on their dental treatment. To find out how we can help you please call or send or email.

Nothing makes us happier than helping our nation builders smile again. We welcome all pioneers and their families to get in touch and find out how Maritime Dental and the Pioneer Generation Scheme can assist.

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Maritime Denta‍‍‍l Surgery

120 Cantonment Rd #02-04

Maritime House, Singapore 089760

Ph: 6220 5793

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Monday to Friday: 9AM to 5PM

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Sunday and Public Holidays: closed

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6220 5793




‍‍‍Full Mouth Xray‍‍‍

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

‍‍‍Wisdom Tooth Package‍‍‍


120 Cantonment Rd #02-04

Maritime House 089760

6220 5793